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About Us

At Bub Modern, we're here to design and make Mid Century Modern style art and functional wares. We are going to give you cool behind the scenes access to how things are done, and how things are made. Everything here is made by our hands in small batch form. 

Our Mission

My Mission is to design and create decor that I love and believe in, things that I'd want displayed in my own home. I like to fancy myself as an interior maker, that may sound like nonsense, but I'm making objects for people who are taking back the idea that art and decor made by the hands of artisans, are better than the mass produced shit on the market.

Why Bub?

I can promise you that every single thing we make is made by our hands and not outsourced to the cheapest manufacturer. Every single worker here lives and breathes Bub Modern, and while we might not be an actual family, each of us knows each other better than we know ourselves. But bear with me, we're not exactly dealing with the A-Team here. 

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